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From brainstorming and planning to procuring the necessary equipment and products, all the way to execution and project support, at HaRo Energy, we support you from A to Z. Going green with our full-service package is no problem for us.

what is possible?

Our comprehensive consulting offering helps you explore the possibilities for a sustainable and green future for your company. We analyze your current processes, develop strategies to reduce emissions and show you how to use resources more efficiently. Together, we develop customized solutions to achieve your sustainability goals.


Brainstorming is the first step on the road to sustainable transformation. Our creative team supports you in developing innovative approaches to sustainability and environmental protection. We promote creative ideas and concepts that lead your company on the path to a green future.


Planning is the key to successful implementation of sustainable measures. Our experts develop comprehensive plans that cover all aspects of your green transformation. From selecting the right technologies to budgeting and scheduling - we make sure your sustainability project runs smoothly.

Execution / Support

Implementing sustainable projects requires expertise and experience. Our team is at your side throughout the process, offering support in the procurement, installation and commissioning of sustainable technologies and systems. We turn your project into reality.


Sustainability doesn't stop with implementation. Our support services ensure that your green initiatives are successful in the long term. We monitor and optimize your sustainable systems and are always available to answer questions or solve problems.

Shaping a sustainable future

Our comprehensive services for sustainability and green future design support you in assuming ecological responsibility while achieving economic success. Together, we shape a sustainable future for your company.

A group of wind mills on a mountain ridge in Austria

PV systems (photovoltaic)

Use the power of the sun to generate clean energy. Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electrical energy and offer a sustainable solution for power generation.

Modern bio comlex. Renewable energy from biomass. Innovative biogas plant among green nature.

Biomass plants

Biomass plants use organic materials such as wood, waste or plant residues to generate energy. This is an environmentally friendly way to generate renewable energy.


Wind turbines

Wind turbines use wind energy to generate electrical power. They are an efficient and sustainable source of clean power generation.


Hybrid power plants

Hybrid power plants combine different renewable energy sources to provide a continuous and reliable energy supply. This solution maximizes energy efficiency.

Storage facility cereals and production of biogas; silos and drying towers

Conventional memory

Conventional storage systems, such as batteries, allow excess energy to be stored for later use. This increases the efficiency of renewable energy systems.

chuttersnap-xJLsHl0hIik-unsplash (1)

Charging infrastructure

Charging infrastructure is a crucial factor in the increasing electrification of our world. This infrastructure enables the charging of electric vehicles and plays an essential role in promoting environmentally friendly mobility.

Transforming a business toward sustainability and green practices offers a variety of benefits that can positively impact the organization. Here are some of the most important benefits:

Sustainable practices can lead to significant cost savings in the long term. Reducing energy consumption, using resources efficiently and minimizing waste can cut operating costs.

Sustainable companies are often more resilient to economic and environmental risks. They are less vulnerable to price fluctuations in energy and raw materials and are better able to respond to changing environmental regulations.

Sustainability helps to improve a company’s image. Customers, investors and partners often prefer companies that are committed to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Sustainable companies can gain a competitive advantage by offering products and services with green added value. This can strengthen their market position and increase customer satisfaction.

Sustainability efforts often require innovative solutions. Fostering innovation can help open up new markets and drive business growth.

Sustainable companies may have easier access to financing because many investors and lenders consider ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria.

Sustainable practices can increase employee engagement and satisfaction, as many employees take pride in working for a company that is environmentally conscious.

Demand for sustainable products and services is rising steadily. Sustainable companies can benefit from this growing customer demand.

Sustainable companies are often better positioned for long-term growth and stability because they are prepared to address global challenges such as climate change.

The most obvious consequence is the positive impact on the environment. Sustainable companies help reduce environmental impacts, conserve resources and protect nature.

How does a cooperation with HaRo Energy work?

Initial interview

In this first step, we get to know your needs and goals. We listen carefully and analyze how our services can best serve you.


Presentation of the possibilities

We explain what options are available and discuss the next steps together.



Subsequently, we develop a customized concept that meets your requirement and considers the best possible solution. We set the framework for your project.


Product purchasing

After your approval of the proposed solution, we take care of purchasing the necessary equipment and products from qualified suppliers. In doing so, we attach great importance to quality and sustainability.



Our experienced technicians handle the installation of the equipment professionally and efficiently. We ensure that everything runs smoothly and meets the highest standards.


Handover and support

After installation, the project is handed over to you. But our collaboration doesn't end there. We provide ongoing care and support to ensure that your equipment functions optimally and that you reap the benefits in the long term.


Ready for a green future?

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